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Reid, James (2016) Engaging with childhood: student placements and the employability agenda. Childhood: A journal of global child research, 23 (2). pp. 286-300. ISSN 0907-5682

Reid, James (2016) Troubling Narratives: Using ‘I poem’ narratives as a reflective tool within an institutional ethnography of ‘care’ in teachers’ work. In: SEPD Research Conference, 07 April 2016, School of Education & Professional Development, University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2016) Disembodied Lives: How teachers come to care and what this might mean for research in schools. In: International symposium: Engaging Children and Young People: Creative Methods and Research Ethics, 20th - 21st June 2016, University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2016) How do teachers come to care? In: 3rd International Sociological Association Forum, 10-14 July 2016, University of Vienna, Austria. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2016) The institutional silencing of care in school: implications for children and young people. In: Children and Young People in a Changing World: Action, Agency and Participation, 23rd - 24th June 2016, Liverpool Hope University. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2016) Redefining ‘Employability’ as something to be achieved: utilising Tronto’s conceptual framework of care to refocus the debate. Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning, 6 (1). ISSN 2042-3896


Reid, James (2015) Achieving standpoint: Using ‘I poem’ narratives as a reflective tool within an institutional ethnography of ‘care’in a primary school in the north of England. In: 3rd Conference of the International Child & Youth Research Network, 10-12 June 2015, Europrean University, Nicosia, Cyprus. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2015) Children and young people’s voices in employability: Engaging with primary school pupils, student placements and the employability agenda: A report to the national children's research centre March 2015. Project Report. NCRC, Huddersfield. (Submitted)


Reid, James (2014) Utilizing ‘The Listening Guide’ within institutional ethnography: a reflexive effort to avoid ‘institutional capture’ and ‘privileged irresponsibility’. In: BERA Annual Conference 2014, 23-25 September 2014, Institute of Education, London. (Unpublished)

Reid, James and Aslett-Bentley, Avril (2014) Re-examination of employability as ‘social’ practice: a workshop debate re-shaping current understandings and facilitating enhanced practice across generic to specific perspectives. In: The ASET Conference 2014 - The Student Journey towards Employability, 2nd - 4th September 2014, University of Northumbria.

Reid, James (2014) Children and the competent professional: a conceptual framework for challenging current approaches to ‘employability’ for the children’s workforce. In: CSCY 5th International Conference: Researching children's everyday lives: socio-cultural contexts, 1-3 July 2014, Kenwood Hotel Sheffield. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2014) Towards a conceptual framework for understanding power and responsibility in employability. In: Research in Practice (RIPE) Dissemination event, 01 May 2014, Higher Education Academy, York.

Reid, James (2014) Valuing participants as subjects and not objects in research: reflections on analysis of researcher self during an institutional ethnography in a primary school in the north of England. In: Values of Childhood and Childhood Studies, 07 - 09 May 2014, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland. (Submitted)

Reid, James (2014) Institutional ethnography, reflexivity and ‘I’ poems. In: SEPD Research Conference, 9 April 2014, School of Education and Professional Development, University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2014) Socializing Employability. In: ASET Practice Research Network, 6 March 2014, Aston University, Birmingham, UK. (Unpublished)


Reid, James (2013) Problematising Employability: Power and Powerlessness. In: Placement Provision: what does research show us?, 8th November 2013, SRHE, London. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2013) Power and Employability: student's experiences of powerlessness. In: Proceedings of the 2013 Placement and Employability Professionals’ Conference. ASET, pp. 147-161. ISBN 9780956455994

Reid, James (2013) Introduction. In: Safeguarding and Protecting Children in the Early Years. Routledge, pp. 1-10. ISBN 9780415527507

Reid, James and Burton, Steve (2013) Safeguarding and Protecting Children in the Early Years. Early Years . Routledge. ISBN 9780415527507

Parton, Nigel and Reid, James (2013) The recent history of central government guidance about child protection. In: Safeguarding and Protecting Children in the Early Years. Routledge, pp. 13-34. ISBN 9780415527507

Reid, James (2013) The social, legal and practice context for protecting and safeguarding children. In: Safeguarding and Protecting Children in the Early Years. Routledge, pp. 35-53. ISBN 9780415527507

Reid, James (2013) Problematising Employability: are the views of children and young people ignored? In: ASET Conference 2013, 3rd-5th September 2013, Greenwich, UK. (Unpublished)


Reid, James (2012) Making the Private Public: Reflections on Ethics and Analysis of Self from an Ethnography in a Primary School in the North of England. In: Public Ethnography Conference: Connecting New Genres, New Media, New Audiences, 1st and 2nd June 2012, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. (Unpublished)

Reid, James and Oko, Juliette (2012) Study Skills for Health and Social Care Students. Achieving a Health and Social Care Foundation Degree . Sage/Learning Matters, Exeter. ISBN 9780857258052

Reid, James (2012) Teacher's Work and Dad's. In: Teacher's and Professionalism Research, 25 April 2012, University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2012) Challenges and Dilemmas Regarding Non-Resident Fathers in Public Law. In: The Sovereignty of Children in Law. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, pp. 157-177. ISBN 9781443836357

Reid, James (2012) Lost identities: denying children their family identity. In: Vulnerable Children and the Law: International Evidence for Improving Child Welfare, Child Protection and Children's Rights. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London. ISBN 9781849058681


Reid, James (2011) The reflexive ethnographer and analysis of subjectivities using the 'voice centred relational model'. In: Oxford Ethnography and Education Conference, 19 - 21 September 2011, New College, University of Oxford. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2011) Using Photo Story 3 (and Similar Free Downloadable Tools) in Assessment. In: University of Huddersfield Teaching and Learning Conference 2011: Assessment and Feedback from strength to strength, 9th September 2011, University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2011) Childhood Defined by Lost or Denied Opportunities: The Impact of Utility in Child Welfare and Primary Education Practice. In: Mapping the Landscapes of Childhood, 5th - 7th May 2011, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2011) Childhood defined by utility: the impact of agency in primary education practice. In: SEPD Research Conference, 29 March 2011, University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)


Reid, James (2010) Inquiry based practice learning in teams - sowing the seeds of research and enterprise with our students and their pupils. In: The 5th University Teaching and Learning Conference, Monday 13 September 2010, University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

Reid, James (2010) Children, Non resident Fathers and the Public Law: Dilemmas and Challenges. In: International Conference on Children In Law, September 16-17th 2010, Örebro University, Sweden. (Unpublished)


Reid, James and Murphy, T. (2009) Lost identities and the need for a framework for intervention. In: Children and the Law: International approaches to children and their vulnerabilities, 7-10 September 2009, Prato, Tuscany, Italy. (Unpublished)


Reid, James (2007) To Register or Not—the Relevance of the Social Work Codes of Practice for the Social Work Lecturer. Ethics and Social Welfare, 1 (3). pp. 336-341. ISSN 1749-6543

Reid, James, Hamilton, R and Howard, D (2007) Managing Yourself and Your Learning. In: Foundations for Health and Social Care. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781403998866

Hamilton, R, Howard, D and Reid, James (2007) Skills for studying. In: Foundations of Health and Social Care. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781403998866

Reid, James and Littlechild, Brian (2007) Children and Families – Assessment and Planning. In: The Post Qualifying Handbook for Social Workers. Jessica Kingsley, pp. 95-105. ISBN 9781843104285

Reid, James (2007) Developing Inclusive Practice with Children and their Families’. In: The Post Qualifying Handbook for Social Workers. Jessica Kingsley, London, UK. ISBN 978 1 84310 428 5

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