Mynett, Mark (2010) The sound and the fury: part 2. Guitar World. pp. 72-86. ISSN 1045-6295

Mixing music is an art form. Like any of the arts,
it requires a high level of training, intuition and
creativity. Technical knowledge alone can help
a mixing engineer understand how to fix a problematic
mix, but it takes instinct to deal with
unique situations and a sense of artistic style to
give a mix a character that’s appropriate to the
music and performer.
In last month’s article, I explained how to plan and record your
modern metal music project. In this feature, I’ll take you through the
next step of the process, mixing the project, with a focus on the technical
and creative aspects of the task. By reading this, you can avoid
the numerous mistakes that novices make and learn procedures and
common approaches to take when mixing modern metal.

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