Johnson, Dale, Harker, Alexander and Lee, Hyunkook (2015) HAART: a new impulse response toolbox for spatial audio research. In: 138th Annual Audio Engineering Society AES Convention, 7th-10th May 2015, Warsaw, Poland.

This engineering brief describes a new, open source code library named HAART (Huddersfield Acoustical Analysis
Research Toolbox). HAART simplifies the measurement and analysis of multi-channel impulse responses (IRs). For
the purposes of this engineering brief the code library is compiled as a set of Max objects that form a prototype
program in Max. This program is able to perform the acquisition, manipulation and analysis of IRs using subjective
and objective measures described in acoustics literature. HAART is also able to convolve IRs with audio material
and, most importantly, able to binaurally synthesize virtual, multichannel speaker arrays over headphones, negating
the need for multichannel setups when out in the field. The code library is freely available from:

HAART Software Package
HAART Beta Ver1

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