Hassan, Mothana A., Martin, Haydn and Jiang, Xiang (2015) A single-shot line-scanning spatially dispersed short coherence interferometer using Fourier transform profilometry. In: Laser Metrology and Machine Performance XI, LAMDAMAP 2015. EUSPEN, Huddersfield, UK. ISBN 978-0-9566790-5-5

Single-shot inspection at nanoscale resolution is a problematic challenge for providing on-line inspection of manufacturing techniques such as roll-to-roll processes where the measurand is constantly moving. An example of such a measurement challenge is defect detection on vapor barrier films formed by depositing an aluminum oxide layer several tens of nanometres thick on a flexible polymer substrate. Effective detection and characterisation of defects in this layer requires a single-shot approach with nanometre scale vertical resolution.
This paper describes a line-scanning interferometer where a short coherence light source having a 25 nm linewidth source is spatially dispersed across the measurand thus encoding spatial position along a profile by wavelength. Phase shift interferometry (PSI) can be used to decode phase and thus height information, but requires multiple image captures. In order to realise single-shot measurement which is more suitable for online applications, a Fourier transform profilometry (FTP) approach is necessary. This paper explores the implementation of the FTP approach and presents a comparison of the measurement capability of FTP with the previously reported PSI method.

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