Lou, Shan, Jiang, Xiang and Scott, Paul J. (2013) Applications of Morphological Operations in Surface Metrology and Dimensional Metrology. In: 14th International Conference on Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces (Met & Props 2013), 17th - 21st June 2013, Taipei, Taiwan.

In contrast to the widely used mean-line based evaluation techniques, the capabilities of morphological methods are not fully recognized in practice. Morphological operations, e.g. dilation, erosion, closing and opening, are useful tools in surface metrology and dimensional metrology. This paper presents a variety of novel applications of morphological operations in association with several of existing critical cases to demonstrate their usability and capability. These applications include scanning process analysis, real mechanical surface reconstruction, freeform surface deviation evaluation, open surface and roundness filtration, form approximation, contact phenomenon simulation, establishment of uncertainty zone for continuous surface reconstruction and stratified functional surface evaluation.

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