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Smith, Alan M., Paxton, Jennifer Z, Hung, Yi-Pei, Hadley, Martin J., Bowen, James, Williams, Richard L. and Grover, Liam M. (2015) Nanoscale crystallinity modulates cell proliferation on plasma sprayed surfaces. Materials Science and Engineering: C, 48. pp. 5-10. ISSN 09284931


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Abodinar, Atiga, Smith, Alan M. and Morris, Gordon (2014) A novel method to estimate the stiffness of carbohydrate polyelectrolyte polymers based on the ionic strength dependence of zeta potential. Carbohydrate Polymers, 112. pp. 6-9. ISSN 0144-8617

Smith, Alan M., Fleming, Leigh, Wudebwe, Uchena, Bowen, James and Grover, Liam M (2014) Development of a synovial fluid analogue with bio-relevant rheology for wear testing of orthopaedic implants. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 32. pp. 177-184. ISSN 17516161

Ghori, Muhammad U., Ginting, Gidion, Smith, Alan M. and Conway, Barbara R (2014) Simultaneous quantification of drug release and erosion from hypromellose hydrophilic matrices. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 465 (1-2). pp. 405-412. ISSN 0378-5173

Morris, Gordon, Smith, Alan M. and Kontogiorgos, Vassilis (2014) Editorial: Special Issue of Food Hydrocolloids: Bridging the Divide. Food Hydrocolloids. ISSN 0268-005X (In Press)

Ghori, Muhammad U., Alba, Katerina, Smith, Alan M., Conway, Barbara R and Kontogiorgos, Vassilis (2014) Okra Extracts In Pharmaceutical And Food Applications. Food Hydrocolloids. ISSN 0268005X (In Press)


Asare-Addo, Kofi, Mahdi, Mohammed H. and Smith, Alan M. (2013) Development of modified release paediatric liquids. In: 5th EuPFI Conference, 18th-19th Spain 2013, Barcelona, Spain .


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Jamshidi, Parastoo, Ma, Paul, Khosrowyar, Katahyunne, Smith, Alan M. and Grover, Liam M. (2012) Tailoring gel modulus using dispersed nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite. Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, 7 (6). pp. 652-661. ISSN 1745–8080

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Birdi, Gupreet, Bridson, Rachel H., Smith, Alan M., Bohari, Siti Pauliena Mohd and Grover, Liam M. (2012) Modification of alginate degradation properties using orthosilicic acid. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 6. pp. 181-187. ISSN 1751-6161


Smith, Alan M. (2011) Degradation of polysaccharide hydrogels seeded with bone marrow stromal cells. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 4 (7). pp. 1157-1166. ISSN 1751-6161

Buselli, E., Smith, Alan M., Grover, Liam M., Levi, A., Allman, R., Mattoli, V., Menciassi, A. and Beccai, L. (2011) Development and characterization of a bio-hybrid skin-like stretchable electrode. Microelectronic Engineering , 88 (8). pp. 1676-1680. ISSN 0167-9317

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Smith, Alan M., Jaime-Fonseca, Monica R., Grover, Liam M. and Bakalis, Serafim (2010) Alginate-Loaded Liposomes Can Protect Encapsulated Alkaline Phosphatase Functionality When Exposed to Gastric pH. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 58 (8). pp. 4719-4724. ISSN 0021-8561

AlHusban, Farhan, ElShaer, Amr M., Kansara, Jiteen H., Smith, Alan M., Grover, Liam M., Perrie, Yvonne and Mohammed, Afzal R. (2010) Investigation of Formulation and Process of Lyophilised Orally Disintegrating Tablet (ODT) Using Novel Amino Acid Combination. Pharmaceutics, 2 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1999-4923

Smith, Alan M., Ingham, Andrew, Grover, Liam M. and Perrie, Yvonne (2010) Polymer film formulations for the preparation of enteric pharmaceutical capsules. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 62 (2). pp. 167-172. ISSN 0022-3573


Mehrban, Nazia, Smith, Alan M. and Grover, Liam M. (2009) Evaluation of iota-carrageenan as a Potential Tissue Engineering Scaffold. In: 8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE8), August 23 to 27, 2009, Montréal, Canada.

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Clark, Simon, Cross, Martin L., Smith, Alan M., Court, Pinar, Vipond, Julia, Nadian, Allan, Hewison, R. Glyn, Batchelor, Hannah, Perrie, Yvonne, Williams, Ann, Aldwell, Frank E. and Chambers, Mark A. (2008) Assessment of different formulations of oral Mycobacterium bovis Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine in rodent models for immunogenicity and protection against aerosol challenge with M. bovis. Vaccine, 26 (46). pp. 5791-5797. ISSN 0264-410X

Smith, Alan M., Jarved, O., Batchelor, Hannah and Perrie, Yvonne (2008) Bacille Calmette–Gue´ rin (BCG)-loaded alginate beads as a potential oral tuberculosis vaccine for wildlife. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 60 (S1). ISSN 0022-3573

Harris, Jonathan J., Smith, Alan M., Campbell-Lynch, S. and Shelton, Richard M. (2008) Dramatic changes in bulk deformation behaviour of gellan gum on cross-linking with mixed cations. In: Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry. Royal Society of Chemistry, pp. 79-86. ISBN 9780854044610


Smith, Alan M., Shelton, Richard M., Perrie, Yvonne and Harris, Jonathan J. (2007) An Initial Evaluation of Gellan Gum as a Material for Tissue Engineering Applications. Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 22 (3). pp. 241-254. ISSN 0885-3282

Smith, Alan M., Basra, A.K., Batchelor, Hannah and Perrie, Yvonne (2007) Alginate Beads as Potential Oral Vaccine Delivery Platforms: Effect of Coating. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 59 (s1). A55. ISSN 0022-3573

Agoub, A.A., Smith, Alan M., Giannouli, P., Richardson, R.K. and Morris, E.R. (2007) “Melt-in-the-mouth” gels from mixtures of xanthan and konjac glucomannan under acidic conditions: A rheological and calorimetric study of the mechanism of synergistic gelation. Carbohydrate Polymers, 69 (4). pp. 713-724. ISSN 0144-8617

Smith, Alan M., Harris, Jonathan J., Shelton, Richard M. and Perrie, Yvonne (2007) 3D culture of bone-derived cells immobilised in alginate following light-triggered gelation. Journal of Controlled Release, 119 (1). pp. 94-101. ISSN 0168-3659


Smith, Alan M, Harris, Jonathan J., Shelton, Richard M. and Perrie, Yvonne (2006) 3D Culture of bone-derived cells following light triggered gelation of alginate by Ca2+ release from photosensitive liposomes. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 58 (S1). A51. ISSN 0022-3573


Smith, Alan M., Shelton, Richard M., Harris, Jonathan J. and Perrie, Yvonne (2005) Formation of alginate hydrogel scaffolds for tissue engineering by light activated release of calcium from photosensitive liposomes. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 57 (S1). S42. ISSN 0022-3573

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