Lee, Hyunkook and Rumsey, Francis (2005) Investigation into the Effect of Interchannel Crosstalk in Multichannel Microphone Technique. In: Audio Engineering Society 118th Convention, 28-31 May 2005, Barcelona, Spain.

A series of subjective listening tests were carried out in order to investigate the effect of interchannel crosstalk in multichannel microphone technique. Perceived attributes of interchannel crosstalk images were first elicited, and then graded with various independent variables, including different types of microphone array (different combinations of time and intensity differences), sound source and acoustic condition. The results showed that the most dominant effects of interchannel crosstalk were an increase of source width and a decrease of locatedness. The ratio of time and intensity differences in microphone array was the most significant factor for both effects. Sound source type had a significant effect for source width increase, but not for the locatedness decrease. Acoustic condition was significant for locatedness decrease, but not for source width increase. This paper describes the experiment method, and presents and discusses the details of the result data.

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