Zhang, Zonghua, Huang, Shujun, Gao, Nan, Gao, F. and Jiang, Xiang (2017) Full-Field 3D Shape Measurement of Specular Object Having Discontinuous Surfaces. In: International Conference on Optical and Photonic Engineering (icOPEN 2017), 5-7 April 2017, Singapore.

This paper presents a novel Phase Measuring Deflectometry (PMD) method to measure specular
objects having discontinuous surfaces. A mathematical model is established to directly relate the absolute phase and depth, instead of the phase and gradient. Based on the model, a hardware measuring system has been set up, which consists of a precise translating stage, a projector, a diffuser and a camera. The stage locates the projector and the diffuser together to a known position during measurement. By using the model-based and machine vision methods, system calibration is accomplished to provide the required parameters and conditions. The verification tests are given to evaluate the effectiveness of the developed system. 3D (Three-Dimensional) shapes of a concave mirror and a monolithic multi-mirror array having multiple specular surfaces have been measured. Experimental results show that the proposed method can obtain 3D shape of specular objects having discontinuous surfaces effectively.

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