Johnson, Dale and Lee, Hyunkook (2017) Just Noticeable Difference in Apparent Source Width Depending on the Direction of a Single Reflection. In: AES 142nd International Conference, 20th-23rd May 2017, Berlin, DE.

An investigation on the just noticeable difference in angle of a single reflection in terms of apparent source width was performed using a staircase method to obtain two, single reflection angles between 0° and 180°. In the presence of a direct sound, subjects compared the apparent source width produced by a single 90° reference reflection, and a single test reflection ranging between 0° to 90° and 0° to 180° for each threshold. Subjects repeated this test for four delay times of 5 ms, 10 ms, 20 ms, and 30 ms. Reflection angles were found to be approximately 40° and 130° and, however, do not appear to vary with delay time. This implies that human hearing is not sensitive to changes in reflection angle in terms of apparent source width between the threshold angles.

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