Lee, Hyunkook, Johnson, Dale and Mironovs, Maksims (2016) A New Response Method for Auditory Localization and Spread Tests. In: Audio Engineering Society 140th International Convention, 4th - 7th June 2016, Paris, France.

This Engineering Brief presents a new response method developed for auditory localization and spread tests. The proposed method uses a flexible strip with a series of LEDs, which are powered by a microcontroller, for eliciting subjective responses. For the localization test, the position of an active LED is controlled and recorded in Max using a dial. For the spread test, multiple LEDs can be positioned on the strip to visually describe the lower and upper boundaries of the perceived image. The required system is easy to build and relatively inexpensive. Vertical stereophonic localization tests were conducted to compare between the LED method and a visual marker method. Results showed that the proposed method was more accurate, consistent, and time-efficient than the marker method.

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