Wendl, Mark and Lee, Hyunkook (2015) The effect of dynamic range compression for octave bands of pink noise in relation to crest factor. In: 138th Annual Audio Engineering Society AES Convention, 7th-10th May 2015, Warsaw, Poland.

A listening test was performed to find the changes in perceived loudness for differing crest factors of octave bands
of pink noise as a result of limiting. Each octave band had a continuous and a transient sample which both had five
samples ranging from an uncompressed to a compressed with a difference of 4 dB FS crest factor calculation with
increments of 1 dB FS. Two playback levels of 50 dB SPL and 70 dB SPL were used. The perceived loudness
followed the RMS change within the pink noise however certain octave bands appeared to have a non-linear
relationship between loudness perception and crest factor changes

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