Sung Yong, Yoon, Lee, Hyunkook, Dong Soo, Kim and Jae Hyun, Lim (2013) Apparatus and method for processing a time domain audio signal with a noise filling flag. US8364471.

An apparatus and method for processing an audio signal including extracting noise filling flag information indicating whether noise filling is used to a plurality of frames; extracting coding scheme information indicating whether a current frame included in the plurality of frames is coded in either a frequency domain or a time domain; when the noise filling flag information indicates that the noise filling is used for the plurality of frames and the coding scheme information indicates that the current frame is coded in the frequency domain, extracting noise level information for the current frame; when a noise level value corresponding to the noise level information meets a predetermined level, extracting noise offset information for the current frame; and, when the noise offset information is extracted, performs the noise-filling for the current frame based on the noise level value and the noise offset information.

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