Wilson, Thomas R and Fenton, Steven (2014) Two Dimensional Gestural Control of Audio Processing. In: 136th International Audio Engineering Society Convention, 26th-29th April 2014, Berlin, Germany.

This project investigates the design of a 2-D, single, and multi-touch gesture set for the control of audio processing commonly found within DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and mixing consoles. The recent popularity of touch pads has made wider application in this area possible. We describe the testing, analysis, and mapping of gestures to theorize the most efficient control over audio processing parameters. By improving the control interface, workflow efficiency could be greatly improved. A test was carried out that observed engineers as they carried out specific mixing tasks using standard Pro Tools plug-ins. In addition, a survey was constructed to determine the most popular gestures for common processing parameters. The workflow and recorded gestures were then analyzed and a set of optimized gesture based controls were produced.

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