Lee, Hyunkook and Gribben, Christopher (2013) On the optimum microphone array configuration for height channels. In: Audio Engineering Society134th International AES Convention, 4-7 May 2013, Rome, Italy.

To date no experimental data have been presented on the optimum microphone array configuration for new
surround formats employing height channels. A series of subjective listening tests were conducted to
investigate how the spacing between base and height microphones affects perceived spatial impression and
overall preference. Four different spacings of 0, 0.5, 1 and 1.5m were compared for various sound sources
using a 9-channel loudspeaker setup. For sources with more continuous temporal characteristics, the
spacing between the layers did not have any significant effect on spatial impression, whereas for more
transient sources the 0m layer appeared to produce a greater spatial impression than more spaced layers.
Furthermore, the 0m layer was more or similarly preferred to the spaced layers depending on source type.

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