Lee, Hyunkook (2011) The Relationship between Interchannel Time and Level Differences in Vertical Localisation and Masking. In: 131st Audio Engineering Society Convention.

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Listening experiments were conducted with a pair of vertically arranged loudspeakers. A group of subjects
measured the level of delayed height channel signal at which any subjective effects of the signal became completely
inaudible (masked threshold) as well as that at which the perceived sound image was localised fully at the lower
loudspeaker (localised threshold), at nine different delay times ranging from 0 to 50ms. The sound sources were
anechoic recordings of bongo and cello performance excerpts. At the delay times up to 5ms, source type did not
have a significant effect for both threshold results and neither threshold varied significantly as the delay time
increased. In this time range the average level reduction required for a full image shift was 6~7dB while that for
masking was 9~10dB. At the higher delay times, on the other hand, both thresholds decreased as the delay time
increased and the difference between the two sources in both threshold results was significant. Furthermore, the
relationship between the two thresholds varied depending on the source type.

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