Ireland, Chris and Jabbar, Abdul (2012) Exploring mobile technology in the classroom. In: 9th ALDinHE Conference: University of Leeds "Learning Development in a digital age: emerging literacies and learning spaces", 03-04 Apr 2012, University of Leeds. (Submitted)

Technology is constantly evolving and the way we access and consume information is in a constant flux. This cycle of innovation requires academics to adapt to new methods and mechanisms of pedagogy. For many this is a step into the unknown and a challenge that forces them out of their comfort zone. MacCallum & Jeffrey (2009) citing Abrami (2001) include a lack of confidence or skills in using technology and enthusiasm towards technology as reasons why educators do not adopt technology in the classroom.

A further barrier to the use of technology in our classrooms has been the absence of a clearly defined supporting pedagogy. Dias et al., (2008) note that “*o+ne of the main challenges impeding widespread adoption of MLearning is pedagogy”, while Garrison and Anderson (2003) suggest that “*t+o realise the potential of eLearning it is essential that we rethink our pedagogy”. Mishra and Koehler (2006) have proposed a framework which brings technological, pedagogical and content knowledge together. However a framework alone will not provide a solution and practitioners need to think through how technology can support teaching.

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