Rogers, Andrew and Gibson, Ian (2012) Audiovisual Coalescence: The Effect of Synchrony in Film Score. In: 9th International Symposium on Computer Modeling and Retrieval, 19th-22nd June 2012, London, UK. (Unpublished)

The emotional response to synchronous instances between musical and visual elements within the cinematic experience awaits thorough empirical evaluation. Film composition is defined here as a genre of stereotypes, whose methodologies are not feasibly subject to redevelopment. As consequence, the research focuses on improving the enculturated functions of film music. Hypothesising that an increased frequency of synchronisation between musical and visual accents will generate a positive evaluative response from an audioviewer, the experimental results determine significant preference for frequent synchronisation. Viewer expectancy, multisensory integration and attention are used in conclusion of the findings. Argument is established for the necessary quantification of audiovisual accent saliency in refinement of audiovisual design.


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