Sun, Dengyue, Chen, Xun, Du, Fengshan, Zhu, Guangming and Zhou, Jiangang (2005) Dynamic thickness simulation of five-stand continuous cold rolling. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 167 (2-3). pp. 218-223. ISSN 0924-0136

The quality of steel rolling is determined by numerous process parameters, which have to be selected before real production. This paper presents a simulation system that can provide a set of process parameters based on the available information and the quality requirement of products. Simulation parameters were calculated by using a differential element method. Based on a defined rolling model, the rolling thickness simulation of continuous cold rolling processes was conducted on a software platform within the MATRIX environment. The simulation was carried out as a combination of a discrete system and continuous system, so the system has high speed and is suitable for real time dynamic simulation. The simulation results matched the real process data very well. The model was proven to be suitable for the multivariable interactive problems of the continuous cold rolling process and could be used to guide production practice and new product development.

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