Wang, Jian, Jiang, Xiang and Blunt, Liam (2010) Simulation of Adaptive Sampling in Profile Measurement for Structured Surfaces. In: Future Technologies in Computing and Engineering: Proceedings of Computing and Engineering Annual Researchers' Conference 2010: CEARC’10. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, pp. 48-53. ISBN 9781862180932

Adaptive sampling is a novel sampling design that can redirect sampling effort during a survey in
response to the observed values. Its application on surface texture measurement is new, such as
working with stylus profilometers. As a start, this paper focuses on a classical one-dimensional
adaptive sampling in surface texture measurement for structured surfaces. The sampling simulations
show that both the reconstruction accuracy and repeatability have a significant improvement
compared to the uniform sampling – the most prevalent strategy at present.

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