Iqbal, Saqib and Allen, Gary (2010) A notational Design of Join Points. In: Future Technologies in Computing and Engineering: Proceedings of Computing and Engineering Annual Researchers' Conference 2010: CEARC’10. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, pp. 27-30. ISBN 9781862180932

Join points are the composition points where aspects are composed with the base system. In other words they are target hooks in the base system where aspect’s implementation is weaved in. Join points are not defined separately in aspect-oriented design rather a pointcut model is designed which consists of related join points. Grouping of related join points in a pointcut depends on designer’s intuition and corresponding aspect’s nature which makes some of the join points overlooked or not properly grouped with the related join points. This paper proposes a solution to this problem by providing design notations for representing join points in design. This kind of design of join points help
designers design join points properly and group the related join points in one pointcut.

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