Lu, Joan (2009) Editorial: XML technologies and Data Mining. The Open Information Systems Journal, 3 (2). p. 68. ISSN 1874-1339

The terms “Internet Computing”, “Database”, and “Data mining” have a profound impact on a wide range of applications related to computers and communications and their use in daily life, science, business and other fields. Market desire in Internet Computing and data management/visualization is demanding, which drives academic research and industrial development leading to a range of new devices with increased speed, storage capacity, connectivity, mobility, autonomy and flexibility of use. The challenge ahead for these fields is to prove even more useful and effective in an even broader range of application domains. In view of this, the purpose of International Conferences on Internet Computing (ICOM) and Information Technology (CIT) - was to provide a platform for academics and engineers in this area to meet, exchange ideas, and establish new professional networks.

The number of papers submitted to ICOM and CIT has overwhelmed those of previous editions. The revision process for all papers was rigorous and thorough, including peer-reviewing from at least three qualified reviewers. The accepted papers are of very high quality and cover the wide range of topics of the conferences. For this special issue of XMLTech08 and Database and Data mining 08, we selected only six quality papers from the large number of papers published in the conferences. These six papers fall into various areas of XML technologies and Data Mining integrating with a wide range of disciplines, such as spatial database, image retrieval, music technology, Mobile-agent Systems, data storage efficiency and RDBMS.

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