Fieldhouse, John D. and Rennison, M. (1998) An investigation of low frequency drum brake noise. In: Proceedings of the 16th Annual SAE Brake Colloquium & Engineering Display. Society of Automotive Engineers, pp. 65-73. ISBN 0768002761

A test rig which replicates a one quarter vehicle of a rear wheel drive vehicle, including the suspension system, is used to investigate a low frequency noise. The cross beam is included along with the vehicle suspension spring which is loaded against a sprung loaded mechanism which represents the tire stiffness exactly and supports the brake geometrically as the tire would. Drive to the drum is from a DC motor through the wheel drive axle.

Holographic interferometry is used to observe the modes of vibration of the drum with mirrors strategically placed to observe additional features such as the backplate, spring pan and cross beam.

Initial results show the mode of vibration of the backplate to be of a diametral mode order and to be moving in the direction of drum rotation. Additionally it is seen that the spring pan and cross beam exhibit high amplitudes of vibration.

Additional tests are then undertaken with the suspension members omitted and the brake arranged to allow visual access to the brake shoes.

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