Fieldhouse, John D. and Newcomb, T.P. (1994) Self-excited brake noise investigation using the technique of classical holographic interferometry. In: First International Conference on Vibration Measurements by Laser Techniques: Advances and Applications Proceedings. SPIE Proceedings, 2358 . SPIE, pp. 346-358. ISBN 9780819416971

The development of a systematic, whole body, visual recording process and its application to the study of disc brake noise and its recent adaptation to investigate drum brake noise is discussed. It is demonstrated that amplitude and vibration phase information my be obtained using classical double pulsed holographic techniques. Additionally it is demonstrated that details of a moving mode of vibration may be obtained in a rotating body. The application to drum brake noise show how low frequency noise (1 kHz) is related to backplate excitation whereas higher frequency noise (6 kHz) relates to drum excitation.

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