Wang, Yan, Chen, Xun and Gindy, Nabil (2005) Deformation Analysis of Fixturing for Workpiece with Complex Geometry. Key Engineering Materials, 291-29. pp. 631-636. ISSN 1662-9795

Finite element (FE) analysis is very useful in the early stage of a fixture development in order to reduce or eliminate design problems. Accurate prediction of fixture-workpiece deformation requires an appropriate representation of the contact relationship between fixture elements and workpieces. The paper addresses the special features of the deformation analysis between complicatedly shaped components and fixture elements. The effectiveness and the scope of applicability of commonly used methods are analysed. The verified FE analysis is used to predict surface error arising from deformations, and to evaluate the deformation distributions from fixture elements and workpiece. Based on the FE analysis, the tolerance can be allocated to the fixture elements and the workpiece. The development of a turbine blade fixture is provided as case study.

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