Li, Y., Tian, G.Y. and Ward, Stephen (2006) Numerical simulation on magnetic flux leakage evaluation at high speed. NDT & E International, 39 (5). pp. 367-373. ISSN 0963-8695

High-speed non-destructive inspection (NDI) systems using magnetic flux leakage method (MFL) is in great demand in online metal inspection and defect characterisation, especially in pipeline and rail track inspection. For MFL systems at high speed measurement, in addition to magnetic flux, eddy currents exist in metal specimen because of the relative movement between the probe and specimen. These currents alter the profile of electromagnetic field, which increases difficulty in signal interpretation and defect characterization. In this paper, eddy currents generated by high speed movement and their characterisation in high-speed MFL inspection systems were investigated by using numerical simulations. Besides, the MFL signals from high speed MFL measurement against defect depth were examined.

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