Gilkes, Oliver S., Mishra, Rakesh, Fieldhouse, John D. and Rao, Vasu (2009) Unsteady Interaction Of Turbocharger Compressor With IC Engine. In: University of Huddersfield Research Festival, 23rd March - 2nd April 2009, University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

Growing global concern pertaining to climate change has meant
that engine development has become more focused on engine
emissions. A method of reducing the emissions of an internal
combustion (IC) engine is to use smaller engines but recover
power lost due to reduction in size by using a turbocharger or
To ensure that a turbocharger is appropriate for a given engine it
has to be matched correctly. This process is called turbocharger
matching. Turbocharger matching ensures that the compressor is
providing sufficient air to the engine over a wide range of operating
Currently compressors are mapped by carrying out controlled
experiments which put limits on its applicability to real world

Unsteady_Interaction_Of_Turbocharger_Compressor_With_IC_Engine_-_O_S_Gilkes.pdf - Accepted Version

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