Ousey, Karen and White, Stephen (2009) Using PBL to meet the needs of mandatory training in healthcare. In: 2nd International PBL Symposium - What Are We Learning About Learning?, 10 - 12 June 2009, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore. (Submitted)

This paper presents the use of problem based scenarios within an interactive online mentor update tool for healthcare professionals. Students from healthcare programmes within the United Kingdom are supported in their clinical placements by appropriately qualified members of staff who require annual updates to maintain their currency in this role; a professional and regulatory body stipulation. In response to increasing pressures within the workplace that are negatively impacting upon opportunities to access the current method for delivering these updates, an alternative has been sought. An exploration of the strategy of Problem Based Learning (PBL) and the use of scenarios within an e-learning environment is presented and a discussion surrounding the promotion of independent thought and self directed learners is undertaken. The importance of a multi-professional approach to the mentoring of students has been promoted by professional bodies, with the International Council of Nurses code (2000) stating that co-operative relationships with co-workers in other fields are necessary. The package provides a multi-professional, multi-institutional problem based approach to delivering information that is integral to the effective mentoring of students. It is recognised this is only a small scale study but it does suggest that e-learning and PBL can assist learners to become motivated and self-directed in their own learning. The PBL approach brings the information to ‘life’ allowing participant to critically analyse potential problems and develop solutions


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