Denton, Paul and Short, C. (2004) Rapid Product Development Evaluation Report. Project Report. Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Consortium.

This document comprises the final evaluation stage of work package one, Rapid Virtual Enterprise, within the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) project IST-2000-61209. The stage represents the evaluation of real world VE broker implementations and demonstrators and follows on from the two previous project tasks which comprise; the definition and concept of RPD VE (Rapid Prototype Development Virtual Enterprise), its elements and the provision of enabling and supporting tools, and the operational management of the virtual enterprises and rapid product development. A VE evaluation methodology is presented, based upon gap analysis and common IT process models, together with acceptability criteria. This methodology has been deployed upon the developed RPD VE and its results recorded. Conclusions and opportunities for further VE development work are stated prior to the provision of a work package summary.

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