Pislaru, Crinela (2007) Modern vibration analysis and correction practices. In: Modern vibration analysis and correction practices, Tuesday 6th March 2007, University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

The Engineering Control and Machine Performance (ECMP) research group within Centre for
Precision Technologies has achieved an excellent world-leading expertise due to its extensive research
work in the area of machine tool precision accuracy. Comprehensive knowledge of machine tool error
measurement, avoidance, correction and compensation techniques has been gained due to research
activities included in the previous successful industrial and EPSRC projects. One of the research
directions is modelling and analysis of machining processes with the focus on quantifying and
optimising the performance of a CNC machine tool under cutting conditions, through investigating
those parameters that affect dimension, form, and surface finish tolerances.
ECMP group has developed efficient procedures for theoretical and experimental modal analysis and
Wavelet Transform was used successfully for the first time to estimate the modal parameters of the
CNC machine tool feed drives.
Crinela will also present the results of studies and practical applications of passive and active
vibration control strategies applied to CNC machine tools. The relation between tool wear, machining
dynamics, chatter analysis and surface metrology has been used to provide correction and condition
monitoring data. In this way the industry requirements for accuracy of manufacture and the suitability
of the components and products for its intended function could be fulfilled.

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