Xu, Zhijie, Zhao, Z. X. and Baines, R. W. (1997) Manufacturing Knowledge Acquisition and Database Management Using Virtual Reality Techniques. In: The 32nd International MATDOR Conference. Palgrave, Manchester, UK. ISBN 0-333-71655-8

This paper reports on the research into the techniques of applying virtual reality in acquisition, representation and management of manufacturing knowledge, particularly for supporting product design, production planning, process planning and shop floor control. First a technique for integrating a virtual reality system (Superscape VRT), with a multi-database and a manufacturing system is described. Then an approach to data management and programme interfacing is detailed. This leads to the description of the design method of a virtual reality based manufacturing knowledge base. An example of using this knowledge base is provided to show its functions, advantages and limitations. Finally the paper draws useful conclusions and speculated on future research and development for both virtual reality systems and their applications in manufacturing.

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