Li, Y., Tian, Gui Yun and Cui, Z. (2006) Theoretical and experimental study on magnetically-actuated micromirrors for electromagnetic NDE. In: Proceedings of Computing and Engineering Annual Researchers' Conference 2006: CEARC’06. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, pp. 1-6.

Magnetically-actuated Micromirrors as Micro-electromechanical devices have exhibited their
superiority over other magnetic sensing techniques in terms of high sensitivity and high spatial
resolution, which is favoured not only by quantitative measurement but also imaging of magnetic field
distribution. In our research into magnetic field sensing and imaging, a 2D magnetic field sensing
system with magnetically-actuated micromirrors has been proposed. Before the system is constructed,
extensive investigation of magnetically-actuated micromirrors with different structures and materials
has been conducted via theoretical and experimental study. FEMLAB and IntelliSuite have been
employed for theoretical analysis of the sensitivity of micromirrors with different structures in
correlation with the variation of external magnetic fields in order to optimise micromirror dimensions
and beam cantilever design. Following the innovative fabrication of practical micromirrors, an optical
measurement system has been set up to specifically characterise micromirrors of various dimensions
and configurations in terms of sensitivity to the variation of external magnetic field. Detection
sensitivity of 1 deflection degree of micromirror per Gauss of magnetic field has been achieved, which
benefits not only the further improvement of micromirror sensitivity via optimal design and fabrication,
but also the establishment of a micromirror-based 2D magnetic field sensing and imaging system for
ENDE with high sensitivity and high spatial resolution.

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