Tunes, Matheus Araujo, Edmondson, Philip D., Vishnyakov, Vladimir and Donnelly, Stephen E. (2017) Displacement Damage and Self-Healing in High-Entropy Alloys: a TEM with in situ ion irradiation study. Fusion Materials Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Fiscal Year 2017. pp. 62-65.

Recent developments in the field of materials for future nuclear fusion reactors have led to the design of innovative metallic alloys that can sustain their mechanical and structural properties under a wide variety of extreme conditions, such as fast neutrons (E <= 14 MeV) and alpha particle bombardment (4He with E up to ~ 3.5 MeV). High-Entropy Alloys (HEAs) are promising candidates for new concepts of nuclear reactors as they have mechanical properties and thermodynamic stability that is believed to be superior to conventional metallic alloys, although their radiation resistance is still a subject of intense research. The efforts to understand the behavior of HEAs under particle irradiation indicated a possible “self-healing” effect of radiation induced defects. In this report, a preliminary study using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) with in situ ion irradiation was performed to investigate the formation and evolution of displacement damage in the microstructure of a FeCrMnNi HEA.

ORNL Fusion Materials FY2017 Report TM-2017/732
Fusion Materials Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Fiscal Year 2017.pdf - Published Version

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