Ye, Ruifang, Jiang, Xiangqian, Blunt, Liam, Cui, Changcai and Yu, Qing (2015) The application of 3D-motif analysis to characterize diamond grinding wheel topography. Measurement, 77. pp. 73-79. ISSN 0263-2241

The extraction of protruding diamond grains feature from the measured data of grinding wheels is the key to assessing their surface texture and predicting their functional perfor- mance. The 3D-motif analysis was utilized to identify the significant features. Based on 6- neighbourhood and wolf pruning, the tiny and insignificant motifs were eliminated and the surface of grinding wheel was segmented into large significant motifs. Four surface samples of #600 diamond grinding wheel were measured by using Alicona Infinite Focus Measuring Instrument and analyzed based on 3D-motif method. As the results shown, the 3D-motif analysis provided an effective method to segment the measured surface into significant features. The experiments also indicated that wolf pruning at 5% produced a proper count of the protruding grains extracted from grinding wheel surface.

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