Lu, Joan, Rahman, Umair and Chen, Hua (2005) An agent related intelligent search technology on the Web information retrieval system. In: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, 2005. IEEE, pp. 458-463. ISBN 1-84600-002-5

It is oftentimes the case that a frequent Web surfer, wishing to find something 'specific' to his or her particular search query, is presented with a vast number of possible search matches, out of which only a few are pertinent to what the surfer actually desires. If the machine knows what semantic data, not syntactic, is being provided on a Web page, then it can present the user with richer information and more accurate search results. A solution is to make use of the technologies that aim to achieve the vision of the 'the semantic Web' technology. This research is to use meta data (XML) in Web pages and manipulating it using RDF, through aids from an ontology and intelligent agents would make information content machine understandable and facilitate search facilities

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