Hurreeram, Dinesh Kumar and Little, David (2004) International apparel trade and developing economies in Africa. International journal of social economics, 31 (1/2). pp. 131-142. ISSN 0306-8293

The international textiles and apparel trade has been one of the most contentious trade issues between the developed and developing countries. Restrictions have been imposed in terms of quota and tariffs on imports since the 1950s. In January 2005, after the phasing out of the multi fire arrangement, the quantitative restrictions will be removed, allowing for free competition between countries for market access. The biggest share of the market will be occupied by countries having a competitive advantage in terms of cost, product quality, responsiveness to market requirements and manufacturing flexibility. Developing economies in the African region which will have to adapt to new market conditions for sustained competitiveness; failing to do so will force them out of the market. This paper provides a review of the international apparel trade policies and focuses on the challenges that African economies involved in apparel exports will face in the wake of world apparel trade liberalisation.

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