Jaber, Adel, Lazaridis, Pavlos, Saeed, Bakhtiar I., Zhang, Y, Khan, U., Upton, David, Mohamad, Hamd, Mather, Peter, Vieira, M F Q, Atkinson, R, Judd, M and Glover, Ian (2016) Comparative study of Partial Discharge emulators for the calibration of Free-Space radiometric measurements. In: 2016 22nd International Conference on Automation and Computing (ICAC). IEEE. ISBN 978-1-86218-132-8

Partial discharge is measured simultaneously using free-space radiometry (FSR) and a galvanic contact measurement technique based on the IEC 60270 standard. Several types of PD (Partial Discharge) sources are specially constructed: two internal PD emulators and an emulator of the floating-electrode type. The excitation applied to the source is AC and the radiated signal is captured using a wideband biconical antenna. The calibration of PD sources is demonstrated. Effective radiated power of the PD source using a PD calibration device is determined.

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