de Oliveira Barbosa, Joao Manuel, Kausel, Eduardo, Azevedo, Alvaro and Calçada, Rui (2015) Formulation of the boundary element method in the wavenumber-frequency domain based on the thin layer method. Computers & Structures, 161. pp. 1-16. ISSN 0045-7949

This paper links the boundary element method (BEM) and the thin-layer method (TLM) in the context of structures that are invariant in one direction and for which the equations of motion can be formulated in the wavenumber–frequency domain (2.5D domain). The proposed combination differs from previous formulations in that one of the inverse Fourier transforms and the Green’s functions (GF) integrals are obtained in closed form. This strategy is not only supremely efficient, but also avoids singularities when the collocation point belongs to the integrating boundary element, and provides accurate evaluations of the coefficients of the boundary element matrices.

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