Kaklauskas, Arturas, Amaratunga, Dilanthi, Haigh, Richard and Kuzminske, Agne (2016) Intelligent mooc for the disaster resilience dprof programme. In: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Building Resilience : building resilience to address the unexpected. Massey University / The University of Auckland, pp. 457-466. ISBN 9780473372682

The CADRE Project offers Intelligent MOOC for the disaster resilience DPROF programme (MOOC-DPROF). MOOC-DPROF aims at unlimited participation and open access via the Virtual Environment for the Built Environment Research to reduce knowledge shortfalls across the EU. PhD students registered in MOOC-DPROF differ by their knowledge levels, preferences, interests, goals, cognitive styles and learning styles. The basis of MOOC-DPROF is individual learning. The design of MOOC-DPROF is for it to run within the Moodle platform. PhD students are offered personalised learning materials in the form of digital textbooks, videos, audios as well as calculators, software, computer learning systems, an intelligent testing system, affective intelligent tutoring system, etc. A personalised MOOC-DPROF adapts the studies to individual needs. Upon completing the analysis of globally developed resilience management MOOCs, it was noticed that there is still no MOOC developed by applying biometric and intelligent systems in an integrated manner, something that has already been implemented with the MOOC-DPROF. The subsystems and a Case Study are briefly analysed in this paper.

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