Li, Hao, Zhong, Yong, Lu, Joan and Zhang, Xuejie (2008) A banking based grid recourse allocation scheduling. The 3rd International Conference on Grid and Pervasive Computing Workshops, 2008. GPC Workshops '08. pp. 239-244.

One of major bottlenecks in grid computing is grid resource allocation. There are many existing ways to solve the problem economical models are effective approaches to help manage and evaluate the resource allocation. Inspired by the banking marketing theory (BMT) comes a new way to study grid resources allocate. The key issues for meeting the requirement of BMT is try to find a best scheduling algorithm to deliver great value in the grid resource allocation. In this paper, the researcher found that the cost based scheduling algorithm is possible method to do that job. The essentially problem is pricing all the available resources in the transaction and maximum all participants based on the dynamic cost functions

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