Li, Guoxing, Gu, Fengshou, Wei, Nasha, Xu, Yuandong and Ball, Andrew (2016) A validated finite element model for predicting dynamic responses of cylinder liners in an IC engine*. In: Proceedings 22nd International Conference on Automation and Computing (ICAC). IEEE. ISBN 9781862181328

Vibration of cylinder liners affects not only engine combustion performances but also tribological behaviour and noise radiations. However, it is difficult to characterize it experimentally due to multiple sources, strong background noise, and nonlinear transfer paths. Therefore, a finite element model is established in this study to predict the dynamic responses of cylinder liners under respective sources. The model takes into account both the characteristics of structural modes and nonlinearities of assembly constraints when selecting adequate elements for efficient computation of the responses under both the highly nonlinear combustion pressure excitations and subsequent piston slap impacts. The predictions are then evaluated against experimental results under different engine operating conditions. In addition, continuous wavelet analysis is employed to process the complicated responses for key response events and their frequency ranges. The results show agreeable correspondences between the numerical predictions and measured vibration signals, paving the way for investigating its effect on combustion and lubrication processes.

A validated finite element method study of dyna responses-final.pdf - Accepted Version

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