Harrison, Chloe, Nuttall, Louise, Stockwell, Peter and Yuan, Wenjuan (2014) Cognitive Grammar in Literature. Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 17 . John Benjamins, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ISBN 978 90 272 3404 9

is is the first book to present an account of literary meaning and effects drawing on our best understanding of mind and language in the form of a Cognitive Grammar. e contributors provide exemplary analyses of a range of literature from science fiction, dystopia, absurdism and graphic novels to the poetry of Wordsworth, Hopkins, Sassoon, Balassi, and Dylan omas, as well as Shakespeare, Chaucer, Barrett Browning, Whitman, Owen and others. e application of Cognitive Grammar allows the discussion of meaning, translation, ambience, action, reflection, multimodality, empathy, experience and literariness itself to be conducted in newly valid ways. With a Foreword by the creator of Cognitive Grammar, Ronald Langacker, and an Aerword by the cognitive scientist Todd Oakley, the book represents the latest advance in literary linguistics, cognitive poetics and literary critical practice