de Souza Neto, J. M. R., de Macedo, E. C. T., da Rocha Neto, J. S., Queiroz Vieira, M. F., Glover, Ian, Judd, M., Atkinson, R. and Soraghan, J.J. (2013) Plausibility of Incoherent Detection for Radiometric Monitoring of Insulation Integrity in HV Substations. In: Antennas and Propagation Conference (LAPC), 2013 Loughborough. IEEE, pp. 494-499.

The work reported here is part of a PhD research relates to the development of a new type of radiometric system applied to detection of partial discharges signals. A simulation model for the radiometric transmission of a partial discharge pulse is presented. The model is based on a replay model, which acts as a source, which is based on real data to simulate the pulses. The structure considers losses due to the free space transmission path and interferences caused by carriers from broadcast transmissions. A receiver, focus of this research, is based on a radiometer structure, which includes an amplifier, a filter and an envelope detector to minimize the necessity of a high sample rate ADC.

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