Neto, J. M., Zhang, Y., Jaber, A., Zhu, M., Judd, M., Atkinson, R., Soraghan, J.J., Neto, J. S., Vieira, M. F. Q. and Glover, Ian (2014) Radiometric Location of Partial Discharge Sources for the Future Smart Grid. In: International Union of Radio Science General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, 16th – 23rd August 2014, Beijing, China.

Measurements are reported that suggest partial discharge sources might be detected and located using amplitude-only free-space radiometric measurements. The measurements are made in two locations with similar measurement protocols by three collaborating research groups. One measurement set is more encouraging than the other but a likely explanation for the disparate nature of the results is offered. It is suggested that amplitude only measurements might form the basis of a low-cost wireless sensor network for monitoring partial discharge in electricity substation.

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