Rossall, A. K., Gartside, L. M. R., Chaurasia, S., Tripathi, S., Munda, D. S., Gupta, N. K., Dhareshwar, L. J., Gaffney, J., Rose, S. J. and Tallents, G. J. (2010) X-ray back-lighter characterization for iron opacity measurements using laser-produced aluminium K-alpha emission. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 43 (15). p. 155403. ISSN 0953-4075

Aluminium Kα emission (1.5 keV) produced by an 8 J, 500 ps, Nd:glass laser incident at 45° onto a layered target of 0.8 µm thick aluminium (front side) and 1 µm thick iron (backside) has been used to probe the opacity of iron plasma. Source broadened spectroscopy and continuum emission analysis show that whole beam self-focusing within the aluminium plasma results in a two-temperature spatial distribution. Thermal conduction from the laser-irradiated aluminium into the iron layer, enhanced by the whole beam self-focusing, results in a temperature of ~10–150 eV in the iron layer. The iron opacity at a photon energy of 1.5 keV is shown to be strongly modified from cold values in agreement with IMP code opacities. Results presented here represent a feasibility study to seed future work using table-top laser systems for plasma opacity experiments.

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