Zettas, Spiridon, Lazaridis, Pavlos, Zaharis, Zaharias D., Kasampalis, Stylianos, Prasad, Neeli, Glover, Ian and Cosmas, John (2015) Performance Comparison of LS, LMMSE and Adaptive Averaging Channel Estimation (AACE) for DVB-T2. In: IEEE BMSB 2015 International Conference, 17th - 19th June 2015, Ghent, Belgium.

In this paper the performance of the Adaptive Averaging Channel Estimator (AACE-LS) which is a modified Least Square (LS) estimator and the AACE-LMMSE which is a modified Linear Minimum Mean Error (LMMSE) estimator, are compared with respect to the conventional LS and the LMMSE estimators. The AACE is an estimator which is based on the averaging of the last N Scattered Pilots (SP) from the DVB-T2 model carried in the received OFDM symbols. The proposed method could in general be applied to any pilot based estimator. The noise introduced by the channel is considered as Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) with zero mean and thus an averaging process is used to eliminate it. The estimator adaptively follows the fluctuations of the amplitude envelope in the time domain and adapts the size of the buffer N, with respect to the coherence time (Tc). Finally, based on the averaged estimated channel, the LS or the LMMSE equalizer is applied to the received signal in the frequency domain. Simulations clearly show that the performance of the AACE-LS is superior to the conventional LS estimator and is near to the performance of the LMMSE with no need of a prior knowledge of the statistics and the noise of the channel and thus if the channel is unknown to the
receiver, the AACE is a good choice.

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