Ceccato, Vania and Newton, Andrew D. (2015) Safety and Security in Transit Environments: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Crime Prevention and Security Management . Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK. ISBN 9781137457646

Safety and Security in Transit Environments presents important interdisciplinary approaches to safety and security on public transport from leading international authors. The book develops a conceptual framework and demonstrates that transit safety and security is dependent on multi-scale dimensional conditions acting at various geographical scales in the urban environment. These include: the micro-environmental attributes of a node (a stop or station), the characteristics of the immediate environment and its wider neighbourhood (the meso and macro transit settings), and the importance of considering all settings encountered in a journey ('door to door') from the perspective of all its users. This important volume identifies key challenges and complexities in addressing security and safety concerns in transit settings, policy recommendations for prevention, and new frontiers for research at transit settings

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