Sawsaa, Ahlam and Lu, Joan (2015) Editorial : Special Issue on Ontology and Innovation: Part1. International Journal of Information Retrieval Research, 5 (2). iv-v. ISSN 2155-6377

Ontology organises the things that was used to
consist of corpus for the real world. Ontology
constructs the model of information systems in
term of taxonomy in a wide range of subject
areas from social science and natural science.
Ontology defines a large number of objects for
a wide range of applications, such as education,
healthcare, medicine, engineering and
manufacturing. Ontology is underpinned by the
theories of formal language, classification and
automata languages, and can be implemented
by the natural language process, particularly
involving the tools and technologies in artificial
intelligence. Ontology made significant
contribution to the computational science, especially
in information retrieval/extraction and
visualisation from the theory to practice. The
challenge ahead for ontology is to prove even
more useful and effective in an even broader
range of application domains. It follows that
ontology made this issue special.

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