Wolfe, Gregory S., Yurcik, William, Osborne, Hugh and Holliday, Mark A. (2002) Teaching computer organization/architecture with limited resources using simulators. In: Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education. ACM Press, pp. 176-180. ISBN 1581134738

As the complexity and variety of computer system hardware increases, its suitability as a pedagogical tool in computer organization/architecture courses diminishes. As a consequence, many instructors are turning to simulators as teaching aids, often using valuable teaching/research time to construct them. Many of these simulators have been made freely available on the Internet, providing a useful and time-saving resource for other instructors. However, finding the right simulator for a particular course or topic can itself be a time-consuming process. The goal of this paper is to provide an easy-to-use survey of free and Internet-accessible computer system simulators as a resource for all instructors of computer organization and computer architecture courses.

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