Chen, Jia Xuan, Liang, Ying Chun, Yu, Xia, Wang, Zhi Guo and Tong, Zhen (2011) Deformation Mechanism of Diamond Nanocutting Single-Crystal Copper Using Molecular Dynamics Simulatio. Advanced Materials Research, 239-42. pp. 2775-2778. ISSN 1662-8985

To study the removal mechanism of materials during nano cutting, molecular dynamics method is adopted to simulate single crystal copper nanomachining processes, and subsurface defects evolvements and chip forming regulation are analyzed by revised centro-symmetry parameter method and the ratios of the tangential cutting force and the normal cutting force. The results show that there are different defects under different cutting depths. When cutting depths is shallower, there are dislocation loop nucleation in the subsurface of the workpiece beneath the tool; however, when the cutting depths is deeper, there are dislocations nucleation and slipping along {101} plane and (111) plane. In addition, both tangential cutting force and the normal cutting force decrease as the cutting depths decreasing. When the ratios of the normal cutting force and the tangential cutting force is below 0.9, the chip will be formed.

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