Smyth, John (2011) A dialogic encounter with Joe Kincheloe’s ‘Meet Me behind the Curtain’: Catalyst for an evolving contemporary critical theory of teachers’ work. In: Key Works in Critical Pedagogy. Bold Visions in Educational Research (32). Sense Publishers, pp. 101-106. ISBN 978-94-6091-397-6

Joe would have been absolutely delighted with the notion of a dialogic encounter with his work because dialogic engagement was the essence of his very being. He was an avid and gregarious conversationalist, always keen to use his formidable intellect to interrogate the most pressing issues of the time, to puncture and expose what they were up to, in order to construct a more democratic alternative. Nowhere was that more evident than in teacher education and what was happening (and is continuing to happen largely unabated) to teachers’ work.

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